Scholarship Application for the Online Mentorship Program

This is a scholarship application for a chance to be chosen for a totally free 4-week cycle of the Online Mentorship Program. I will be able to take only one such mentee at any given time. Due to the high number of applicants and slow turnover, this will be extremely competitive. However, I encourage you to apply, and your application will always be kept on file.

Whereas the Online Mentorship Program is open to those with all varieties of artistic goals, this Scholarship is meant specifically for the student with low financial means who is dead set on becoming a career oil painter. The Scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who is most qualified, in my subjective opinion. By most qualified I mean someone who has what it takes: the desire and the discipline. This factor is more important than your current level of skill. 

Personalized Online Mentorship for Oil Painting practice and career

  • ALL skill levels.
  • One-on-one mentoring personalized to fit your skill level and your specific goals. 
  • 4-week cycle. Cycle begins on the day of your first scheduled Skype session.
  • 5 private 1-hr skype sessions (4 weekly sessions plus a final session)

This is a mentorship rather than a set of lessons. Thus there is no one-size-fits-all lesson plan. It will be based entirely on what you want/need from the experience. The purpose of this mentorship is to allow you get the specific information and advice that you need: about oil painting, an oil painting career, and all the trappings therein.

To be considered for the Scholarship, please fill out and submit the form below. This information will help me to select a scholarship recipient and if selected, allow me to design a specifically tailored program.

Name *
Examples of your work *
Choose your method. A link is preferred.
Please tell me a little about yourself and your oil painting experience.
List in order of importance. Be as specific as possible. Here are some immediate goal examples. These are just examples, you can write whatever you want: Learn how to paint with oils. Learn about oil painting materials. Learn how to paint with brush. Learn how to paint with knife. Learn how to paint a rounded form. Learn more about framing and shipping. Get advice on pricing my work. Get honest feedback and constructive criticism on my work. Get advice on photographing paintings. Get advice on dealing with galleries. Get advice about marketing my work. Get advice about teaching classes/workshops. Learn how to compose a still life. Learn how to use photoshop to mock up a painting. Learn how to compose a cityscape. Learn how to paint a portrait. Etc.
Why do you want oil painting to be your profession?
Acceptance of Schedule Restrictions *
I live in Seattle on the West Coast of the USA in the Pacific Time Zone. Please be aware that I will not be doing any Skype sessions before 9 AM or after 9 PM in my time zone. Make sure this works for you. I am flexible with days of the week. On occasion, due to my travel schedule, we may need shift your regular session time (and extend your mentorship cycle if necessary). If you understand and accept the above, check-mark below.
Please list your preferred days and preferred time windows for your weekly 1hr Skype sessions. The more options the better. Your preferred times/days are not guaranteed but I will do my very best to accommodate you. We will attempt to schedule your 5 sessions for the exact same day and time. If we are unable to agree on a schedule, we will cancel the mentorship. I live in Seattle on the West Coast of the USA in the Pacific Time Zone. Please convert your time preferences to Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), depending on time of year.
Equipment and Internet Speed *
If chosen as a scholarship recipient, you will need adequate equipment and a good internet connection for acceptable Skype video. You will get the best results with a wired Ethernet connection rather than wifi.
Expectations for communication *
Video conference is the most efficient method of online communication for this type of mentorship. For this reason, constant email feedback is NOT a component of this program. Based on your goals, you’ll have tasks between sessions so that I can provide feedback during the next Skype session. There might be exceptions here and there, but as a rule it is better for me to show and tell rather than to write.
Application Status *
I will carefully review every application, but you may never hear from me. Please don't inquire about the status of your application. If you are selected for the scholarship, you'll definitely hear from me! Keep in mind that there will only be one scholarship active at any given time, and that each scholarship will last at least 4 weeks. Your application will be kept and considered for as long as this program is running, so there is no need to apply more than once.